Through Our Eyes (exhibition)

Earlier this year I worked with Make Your Mark, (the Arts and Health programme for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, to run a short photography course for adults with a learning disability. We had two groups of participants working with me (Dougie Evans) to explore their perception of themselves and each other using lighting, movements and personal belongings. The project was developed in response to a need to heighten the profile of Learning Disability services as part of the Trust.

Sophie Laugher (Test Shoot)

Capturing Movement in Portraits Model Sophie Laugher joined me in Cheltenham to create some beautiful portraits with a sense of movement to them. Having shot so many dance photography sessions I was keen to see how I could merge some dance photography ideas with fashion photography. I used some slow shutter speeds (shutter drag) toContinue reading “Sophie Laugher (Test Shoot)”

The Art of Dance Photography (Olympus Magazine)

I’m really happy to announce that I have been featured in issue 61 of Olympus Magazine, a free, 100% interactive digital magazine that’s completely dedicated to Olympus users of all kinds. “Dougie Evans captures the graceful movements of dancers and tells us how he does it”. Olympus Magazine issue 61 Article below I’ve been shootingContinue reading “The Art of Dance Photography (Olympus Magazine)”

The Night is Young- editorial

Collaboration with ethical clothing company Posie Lingerie- The night doesn’t have to be over as soon as you get home. Grab a drink from the fridge, take off your makeup and get comfortable, because the night is as young as you feel.

Luke Brown Dance- Dandelion Child Photography

Was a great pleasure to collaborate with Luka Brown on some concept images for his new show The Dandelion Child. We played with colours and textures to enrich the images with a flavour of the show.