• The Art of Dance Photography (Olympus Magazine)

    The Art of Dance Photography (Olympus Magazine)

    I’m really happy to announce that I have been featured in issue 61 of Olympus Magazine, a free, 100% interactive digital magazine that’s completely dedicated to Olympus users of all kinds. “Dougie Evans captures the graceful movements of dancers and tells us how he does it”. Olympus Magazine issue 61 Article below I’ve been shooting…

  • Experiments in capturing motion

    Experiments in capturing motion

    Here’s a collection of images from a test shoot with a local young dancer trying to find new ways to capture motion. The shots were made by combining a slow exposure (shutter drag) with a quick flash to freeze one image over motion blur.

  • Frock by Stopgap Dance

    Frock by Stopgap Dance

    Stopgap’s punky, subversive and awesome outdoor show called Frock. This was a concept photoshoot to try some ideas about how to represent the ideas of the show in visual content. Six striking dancers collide in an uplifting dance riot set to an exclusive art rock soundtrack by Hannah Miller of Moulettes. Stopgap Dance Company

  • Luke Brown Dance- Dandelion Child Photography

    Luke Brown Dance- Dandelion Child Photography

    Was a great pleasure to collaborate with Luka Brown on some concept images for his new show The Dandelion Child. We played with colours and textures to enrich the images with a flavour of the show.

  • Retrospective Dance Theatre

    Retrospective Dance Theatre

    Hannah McGlashon and Christopher Thomas of Retrospect Dance Theatre perform “In light of those you love” at Pitch 2017, The Point Theatre. https://www.retrospectdancetheatre.com/

  • Fraser Buchanan

    Fraser Buchanan

    Dance artist Fraser Buchanan performing his piece Ode for Pitch 2017 at The Point Theatre, Eastleigh. a physically poetic and confusing conversation between me now and my gay, teenage self. Ode is unapologetically gay theatre. Fraser Buchanan

  • Limb Dance Co

    Limb Dance Co

    Emerging all female contemporary dance company choreographed by Kaia Goodenough perform Abstract Romanticism. Three bodies in space assume a formidable and tenuous pose; standing upon one leg, each dancer battles against balance and gravity. Lyndsey Winship

  • Tommaso Petrolo

    Tommaso Petrolo

  • Mater-Filia


  • They Live Next Door

    They Live Next Door

    They Live Next Door is a touching, tender and gritty show that knits unique stories with intricate choreography and nostalgic live melodies. Set in a home, on a street not too far from your own, it explores the light and the dark of familiar relationships. The duet is an emotional rollercoaster that sensitively uncovers the…